John Bagwell

Image of John BagwellJohn Bagwell is by far one of the most important coaches in the insurance industry. He has been training insurance agents for the past 16-years and has over 2,500 testimonials to back-up his products success.

John Bagwell is kind and warm-hearted person and you will find him to be a very friendly person in general. If you call John Bagwell on any day, he will pick-up the phone and will answer your questions. I do not know of any coach in the insurance industry who will answer your questions at any given moment. FMOs often take 4 or 7 days to call you back. John Bagwell is a testament to our industry.

John Bagwell has made so many agents rich. If you go to one of John Bagwell’s training seminars, you will find countless agents who have a great deal of success with his systems. The majority of agents are moving an average of $250,000 in fixed annuity premium, and some agents are moving $100,000 a year in over-funded life premium. Find me a coach that can beat those results! Truly John Bagwell knows his stuff. All you have to do is follow his training.
You can actually go to his primary website and view his testimonials, where I was able to contact his testimonials via email and then communicate with them directly over the phone. And all of the testimonials had glaring things to say about John Bagwell.

Some of the testimonials explained that they were about to get out the industry, because they were too poor, and then they were trained by John Bagwell and their career took off—and they are now top producers in our industry. I even spoke to one agent who is the number one agent for Alliance. This guy moves 70+ million in premium, and he has no agents underneath him. And John Bagwell was the key to his success!

Of course some agents in 16-years have not been successful with John Bagwell’s program, but after speaking with them, they have not implemented or followed John Bagwell’s training. Some agents think marketing is guaranteed, and this is not the case. However, for the majority of agents who use John Bagwell’s programs have been very happy with their results.

John Bagwell had an issue with an employee in 2007, which the employee did not produce any results, so he was fired, and he later attacked John Bagwell on the internet. This employee soon after died and John Bagwell was not able to take the attack offline.

John Bagwell was also fined $10,000 for an administrative order in 1997, which he was not found guilty and not charged with a criminal offense. John Bagwell purchased a wedding ring before paying off his personal expenses. So after 17-years, some people think this event happened recently, which is not the case. I believe you should let mistakes die, especially after 17-years.

John Bagwell remains one the most unique coaches in our industry, and any question (with the exception of giving investment advice –buy and sell advice) he will be happy to give you (if you’re an insurance agent).

John Bagwell has so many unique marketing angles it is difficult to discuss one specific program, since there all extremely unique programs. With all the marketing programs you will be coached (at minimum) for 2-hours, and most cases, agents come back for additional one-on-one training. Where are you going to find that type of one-one-one training in our industry? Certainly not from the FMOs!

So if you’re serious about making a great deal of money in the fixed annuity and life insurance industry, I would recommend you purchase John Bagwell’s program, and I would highly recommend calling John Bagwell for a discussion on advanced marketing and solutions. You will not regret it!